Sissy House: Nikki Knickers at the Rosebottom Academy of Sissification

Nigel is a nineteen-year-old wastrel, too feeble to work and too lazy for university. His parents get fed up with his pantywaist ways, and ship him off to the Rosebottom Academy for Sissification.

At the sissy house, big, beautiful schoolmarms take their firm and dominant hands to his wayward rear, teaching Nigel the meaning of the school motto: Spank the maleness away! He’s transformed into Nikki Knickers, an outrageously flirty tart: obedient to all women, pleasing to all men!

But has Nikki taken to her lessons a little too well? The Headmaster shall be the judge of that!

Find out when you read SISSY HOUSE!
Comment: This is a naughty story, but Nikki Knickers is a naughty girl!  If you read Sissy Camp, you may remember Nikki Knickers as the “naughty British sissy” that startled all of the other sissies with her bad behavior. This is her origin story.

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