Elf Princess Swap: a futa fantasy fairy-tale

Kevin’s a hard-working driver with a love for fantasy games and futanari elves, but his love life is stuck at level one. So when he finds an unmarked parcel addressed from his favorite character, why shouldn’t he open it?

Oops! He awakes as a futa elf in a fantasy world! His voice has become high and musical, his ears long and pointed. His new female body is stunning, with long blonde hair, a perky bosom, and even a much larger male member. A pretty elvish maid greets him, ready to wait on him hand and foot, and Kevin’s wondering how much fun can one man have in a fantasy world.

But when the queen of the futa elves decides to humiliate him in front of her entire court, how long can Kevin hold out?


Comment: Holy hell, this story has a lot of dick action! It also features a cameo by everyone’s favorite bisexual barbarian, Kor the Savage!

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