Female By Magic: A Gender-Swap Fairy-Tale

Watch out for Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie! She loves to change men into women with her gender-bending magic. But when an angry demon claims no real man wants to be feminized into a sexy babe, they travel to Earth to settle the bet.

Percy is an unhappy college bro who spends more times with videogames than at the beach. Sure, his buddy Luke is cool. But Luke’s hot babe girlfriend Shawna is always putting Percy down. So when the Gender Genie shows up and makes him female by magic, it turns into weekend to remember!

Percy turns into Mercy, a big-breasted, hard-partying, college girl with a wild lesbian streak. But when Luke and Shawna take her for a moonlit walk on the beach, is she ready to embrace her bisexual side?

It’s Female By Magic: A Gender-Swap Fairy-Tale, now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Sexy excerpt, after the jump!

Female-by-magic_01_200x320This is my second book in the “Gender Genie” series, in which a magical genie transforms one or more characters into the opposite gender. In this case, Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie is focused on Percy, an unhappy college dude who sits at home playing videogames instead of enjoying life.

Here we find Percy shortly after his transformation.

This is unreal, he thought, running for the bathroom. He went inside and locked the door, then took up the large hand mirror he used for his contact lenses, using it to examine his new body. But before he could even look at his new genitals, he caught a fright at his own features in the mirror.

He’d become a she, and an attractive one that. Gone was the slightly pudgy male face, the gray eyes shadowed by lack of sleep, his acne-scarred cheeks, and unshaven jaw-line. His features had been replaced by pert, effeminate face with sparkling blue eyes. His brown bowl cut stretched out into shoulder-length, brown locks, teased with blonde streaks and full of rich body. His perpetual mopey scowl had also vanished, replaced by cheerful, symmetrical features that if not as gorgeous as the genie cheerleader, sparkled with a perky femininity. Yet the face resembled his male one enough to suggest a family resemblance. No makeup at all, but he looked some feminine, he didn’t need any.

“I’m cute,” he said, again surprised by his effeminate voice. “This is—this is crazy!”

Yes Percy, it certainly is. Enjoy Female By Magic, the follow-up to the popular Gender Genie!

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