Get ready to try something different inside!

TRANS BUNDLE collects four complete novelettes of naughty transgender sexual adventures, delivering more than 40,000 words of premium erotica.

Most erotic shorts on Amazon are only 3,000 to 5,000 words long, and many bundles throw random stories from different authors together with no connection or quality control.

Not TRANS BUNDLE! All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes, all set on the kinky campus of Jefferson Pacific University.

TRANS BUNDLE provides four stories normally priced at 2.99 USD each–and delivers them for 5.99, a 50% SAVINGS. Take a look…

Transgressions_Bundle_v01_200x320Candy’s Halloween: Candy is packing extra treats in her panties–she’s a transgendered freshman, spending her first year in the dorms. She loves getting together with Kelly, another transgendered woman. But she also longs for her lesbian roommate. Tonight is Halloween, the biggest party of the year. Will Candy’s trick or treat wish come true?

I Want My Transgender Nurse: Mandy has the hots for Ingrid, a shy nurse with a sexy secret. But when dominant Dr. Mallory brings her big, beautiful body into the picture, she takes control of this raunchy romance, steering it into mischievous medical play–and one raunchy revelation. Enter the kinkiest clinic on campus–where one woman’s secret can become another’s sexy surprise!

Spunk Rocker: Kelly’s transgendered and enjoys sex, but she’s frustrated and doesn’t know why. So when she visits a sex therapist, she discovers kinky medical play and enjoys some full-contact therapy. That’s when big and beautiful Doctor Mallory initiates Kelly into the world of power exchange, grooming her as a ruler over the desires of others.

Filling Cream: Cream is a big, beautiful blonde–from her buxom breasts to her bodacious behind–but she’s got big problems too. Every guy treats her wrong, so she decides to let some transgender women treat her right. But is Cream ready to be taken by the transwomen?

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

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