The Secret of Her Panties: Guy meets gal in an erotic, transgender romance.

Tyler’s a manly college dude who’s got the hots for Kayane. She’s a cute and quirky Japanese exchange student keeping a secret in her panties. They like each other, so what’s the problem? Sometimes you got to let it all hang out.

When Tyler finds out his new girlfriend’s transgendered, he enters a new world of erotic discovery. But what about his frat brothers, the straightest fraternity on campus? Can Tyler keep his new girlfriend under wraps, or is everything about to blow?

The Secret of Her Panties – the secret’s out now!

Comment: I expanded this story from a single scene draft I had lying around, adding the tension with the fraternity and some other characters from Jefferson Pacific University to round out the scene. There’s tons of sex, but Tyler and Kayane’s romance is sweet too.

Topped by the Brat: Femdom sissy humiliation

Professor Roger has a secret: He’s the sissified plaything of his step-daughter mistress Kendra, better known as The Brat.

Kendra is a hard-partying college domme, who wears slutty outfits around the house. She spends all Roger’s money on booze, drugs, clothes, and parties for her lesbian girlfriends. Roger feels neglected and unloved.

Today is a special day: the Femdom & Sissy Picnic. Can these BDSM amateurs work it out—or does big, beautiful Dr. Mallory need to intervene with a firm hand and some tough love?

Topped by the Brat – out now!

Comment: This story is an ‘unofficial’ sequel to Turned by the Brat, the first story about Professor Roger and his naughty step-daughter. It resolves some unanswered questions from that story in hopefully a fun and sexy way.

Elf Princess Swap: a futa fantasy fairy-tale

Kevin’s a hard-working driver with a love for fantasy games and futanari elves, but his love life is stuck at level one. So when he finds an unmarked parcel addressed from his favorite character, why shouldn’t he open it?

Oops! He awakes as a futa elf in a fantasy world! His voice has become high and musical, his ears long and pointed. His new female body is stunning, with long blonde hair, a perky bosom, and even a much larger male member. A pretty elvish maid greets him, ready to wait on him hand and foot, and Kevin’s wondering how much fun can one man have in a fantasy world.

But when the queen of the futa elves decides to humiliate him in front of her entire court, how long can Kevin hold out?


Comment: Holy hell, this story has a lot of dick action! It also features a cameo by everyone’s favorite bisexual barbarian, Kor the Savage!

Sissy House: Nikki Knickers at the Rosebottom Academy of Sissification

Nigel is a nineteen-year-old wastrel, too feeble to work and too lazy for university. His parents get fed up with his pantywaist ways, and ship him off to the Rosebottom Academy for Sissification.

At the sissy house, big, beautiful schoolmarms take their firm and dominant hands to his wayward rear, teaching Nigel the meaning of the school motto: Spank the maleness away! He’s transformed into Nikki Knickers, an outrageously flirty tart: obedient to all women, pleasing to all men!

But has Nikki taken to her lessons a little too well? The Headmaster shall be the judge of that!

Find out when you read SISSY HOUSE!
Comment: This is a naughty story, but Nikki Knickers is a naughty girl!  If you read Sissy Camp, you may remember Nikki Knickers as the “naughty British sissy” that startled all of the other sissies with her bad behavior. This is her origin story.

Female By Magic: A Gender-Swap Fairy-Tale

Watch out for Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie! She loves to change men into women with her gender-bending magic. But when an angry demon claims no real man wants to be feminized into a sexy babe, they travel to Earth to settle the bet.

Percy is an unhappy college bro who spends more times with videogames than at the beach. Sure, his buddy Luke is cool. But Luke’s hot babe girlfriend Shawna is always putting Percy down. So when the Gender Genie shows up and makes him female by magic, it turns into weekend to remember!

Percy turns into Mercy, a big-breasted, hard-partying, college girl with a wild lesbian streak. But when Luke and Shawna take her for a moonlit walk on the beach, is she ready to embrace her bisexual side?

It’s Female By Magic: A Gender-Swap Fairy-Tale, now available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

Sexy excerpt, after the jump!

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Most erotic shorts on Amazon are only 3,000 to 5,000 words long, and many bundles throw random stories from different authors together with no connection or quality control.

Not TRANS BUNDLE! All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes, all set on the kinky campus of Jefferson Pacific University.

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