Filling Cream

Filling Cream: Taken by the Transwomen is now available. She’s ready to try something different inside!

Cream is a big, beautiful blonde—from her buxom breasts to her bodacious behind—but she’s got big problems too. Every guy treats her wrong, so she decides to let some transgender women treat her right.

Cream_200x320Candy and Kelly are two transgender women ready to take charge of their new girlfriend. It’s a feast of flesh, and they go for the buffet. But is Cream ready to be taken by the transwomen?

Filling Cream is a tawdry tale of first times, explorations, and fresh starts—another sexy story from the Transgressions series of transgender erotica!

This story marks the return of Candy and Kelly from Candy’s Halloween and Spunk Rocker (among other stories) and is the fourth in the Transgressions series, about the erotic adventures of a pair of transgender women on the campus of Jefferson Pacific. University.

Look for a complete Transgressions bundle, coming soon!

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