Gender Genie: A Transgender Fairy-Tale

Hot on the heels of my second bundle and freebie, here is my first gender-swap story, starring Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie–because if people are magically swapping genders, a Gender-Swap Genie is probably involved!

Here’s the Amazon blurb; an excerpt comes after the jump!

Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie travels the land in her magic lamp, transforming bland marriages with her gender-swap magic. Today’s targets: Michael and Laura, the definition of dull.

On the surface, Michael is a tense, task-oriented engineer. But in his favorite online game, he plays a sexy elven sorceress. So he’s thrilled when the genie transforms him into blonde and busty Mikaela, with all her kinky curves and pointed ears. But is he ready to go all the way to get his feminine desires completely fulfilled?

Meanwhile Michael’s wife Laura is an anxious shut-in. But the minute she becomes male, she celebrates by running off to a trashy truck-stop to get in on some adult theater action! Her new transgender girlfriend shows her how to go for the glory. Just how far will she go now that she is a he?

Gennifer_V04_200x320And…here’s a little excerpt. In this scene, Gennifer swaps Michael and Laura’s bodies for them. We’re in Michael’s POV and his reaction is muted, while Laura has…a different reaction.

“I have many spells,” said Gennifer the Gender-Swap Genie. “But let’s start with a simple body swap.” And just like that, she put a finger on the side of her nose and winked.

A gong sounded again, and for a micro-second, the room flashed with pink, blue and purple lights. Suddenly, Michael found himself behind a pair of woman’s eyeglasses. He looked to his left, and saw—himself! He looked down, and saw Laura’s sweatshirt, swelling outward over his wife’s plump breasts. He looked back at himself and saw the wide-eyed expression there, and knew Laura inhabited his body now. Just as he inhabited hers.

Suddenly, Michael’s body shouted, “Woo-hoo!” and ran out the door!

Michael, still inside Laura’s body, just stood there, watching as his male self ran down the driveway, tumbled over awkwardly, then picked himself up and continued running on down the street. What was Laura doing? Why was she so excited? Where was she going in his male body?

This was a fun one to write, but having two point-of-view characters change genders, names, and pronouns in one short story isn’t something to take on lightly. Yikes!

Gender Genie, now on fine Amazons everywhere.


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