“There’s been a sissy inside your whole life. It’s time to let her come out and play.”

SISSY PACK bundles four complete novelettes of sissification, delivering more than 50,000 words—a novel length collection!

Most erotic shorts on Amazon are only 3,000 to 5,000 words long, and many bundles throw random stories from random authors together with no connection or quality control.

Not SISSY PACK! All of these fun, kinky stories from the same author, with recurring themes, characters, and vignettes…

SISSY_BUNDLE_v01_200x320SISSY PACK brings you four stories normally priced at 2.99 USD each—and delivers them for 5.99, a 50% SAVINGS for you, the faithful follower of sissy stories. Take a look…

Four sissy novelettes in one tight little package!

From Thomas to Thérèse
After Thomas admits his wish to become a woman, his roommate Adelaide directs his transformation and feminization, a journey that ends with the shy university student turning into Thérèse: a submissive sissy serving the dominant masters and mistresses of an exclusive private club.

Turned by the Brat
Professor Rogers can’t stay out of his step-daughter’s panty drawer. He leads a secret life as cross-dressing sissy and steals her clothes for his perverted desires. Can he hide his shameful secret—or will he be turned by the Brat?

From Juan to Juanita
Juan wants to be feminine, so when he discovers a club that will make him a sissy he eagerly applies. Now he’s waiting for the transgendered mistress whose strict instructions can transform him into Juanita. Will he past the test?

Sissy Camp
Vincent’s Masculinity Test Scores are so low, his big, beautiful doctor sends him to Sissy Camp where he becomes Violetta! He wears a silly, frilly dress while cleaning, shopping, and carrying out other activities that are safe and appropriate for sissies…and many that are most, most inappropriate!

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