Sissy Camp

The Kella Z. Driel erotica machine has released its latest opus, a 17,750 word journey into sissydom called lovingly enough, “SISSY CAMP: Bisexual sissification–Come out and play!

“There’s been a sissy inside your whole life. It’s time to let her come out and play.”

Vincent’s a regular college guy with a secret crush on his roommate Tommy Touchdown. Unfortunately, his Masculinity Scores are so low, his big, beautiful doctor sends him to Sissy Camp.

At camp, Vincent breaks out of his shell and becomes Violetta! He wears a silly, frilly dress while cleaning, shopping, and carrying out other activities that are safe and appropriate for sissies…and many activities that are most, most inappropriate!

But what happens when Violetta runs into Tommy again? Will her naughty bedroom lessons and new sissy looks be enough to catch her dream guy?

Excerpt after the jump!

SissyCamp_v1,1_200x320This is the longest story I’ve published on Amazon yet, a massive 17,000 words and honestly it could’ve gone longer with more scenes and subplots, as those had to be cut to make deadline.

Here’s an excerpt from what’s inside:

“Sissies! Over here please, sissies!” Doctor Mallory stood in the parking lot, holding up a placard labeled “Sissy Camp.” The nurse stood next to her, putting name tag stickers on the sissies as they came stepping, jumping and bumbling out of the pink minibus one by one.

“Everyone, take your sissy-buddy’s hand!” Dr. Mallory said, her exasperation cutting over the eager and excited chatter. “If you get lost, look for the group sign.”

Strawberry bounced over and took Violetta’s hand, giving her a big smile. “Hi, sissy-buddy!”

Violetta smiled back. She felt nervous wearing her frilly in public, but having her sissy-buddy with her made her feel better right away. She didn’t think she’d get lost though; she’d been to this mall many times.

As they walked through the mall, the odd procession received many curious stares. One elderly woman asked the nurse, “Pardon me. Who are these delightful girls?”

The nurse smiled politely. “They’re from Sissy Camp, ma’am.”

“Oh!” said the old woman, clueless. “They look so pretty in their frocks! What well-behaved girls!”

“Thank you, ma’am,” the nurse beamed. “Proper deportment is important for our sissies.”

As you can see from that sample, the sissies are treated in a fun but extremely condescending manner, which is really a fun space for them and a way to help them adjust to their new roles as sissies.

This is the fourth sissy story I’ve released, so the bundle is next. In the meantime, PLEASE ENJOY SOME SISSY CAMP!


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