Futa Show

The latest hentai-inspired kink-fest is out on Amazon:

Ken is a contestant on Futa Deny Challenge!, Japan’s kinkiest game show!

He’s pushed to the edge by beautiful, bouncy futanari bodies. Teasing. Denial. Oddly specific fetishes. How can he resist?

But he must not give in if he wants to win–because if he loses, he’ll be transformed into a futanari–forever!

Excerpt after the break:

COVER Futa Show v01_200x320This story got close to writing itself in so many ways and maybe is one of the funnest ones I’ve written. The premise is simple: Kato Ken goes onto a game show, to be tempted by futanari. If the other contestant cums first, Ken wins a $1 million. But if Ken blows his stack first, not only does he miss out on the money, he’s transformed into a futanari himself!

This one is packed with weirdly specific Japanese fetishes, like “absolute territory”, although it’s handled futanari style, of course!

Here’s an excerpt from the ‘Anal Attack’ penalty phase:

“He’s got it!” Jojo shouted. “He’s got that futanari anus right where he wants it! Now let’s see what he can do with forty-five seconds left!”

Oh shit, Ken thought. Breathless, he knelt behind the pillory, between Sakura’s stretched and bound legs, looking up at her plump and delectable rear. Between her legs, Sakura’s upside down face smiled at him.

Cameramen knelt all around, catching them from every angle, broadcasting every word. His fingers moved to her soft cheeks and spreading the pillows of her bottom, exposing the taut pucker of her anus. He couldn’t believe it: the adult video star he’d fantasized about for months now lay spread and helpless before him!

But time ticked down relentlessly!

Fun facts about this story: this is #4 in the Futa Series, meaning the first bundle is coming soon. Yay! Also, this story could’ve been twice as long and demands a sequel. The concept is too fun and the left out kinks are too many.



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