I Want My Transgender Nurse

trans_nurse_400x638I want my transgender nurse, because the doctor is a kinky lesbian. That’s happened to you, right? Of course it has. It’s happened to everyone. It’s a totally common thing.

There you are, at the doctor’s office, trying your best to seduce the cute nurse. You’re wearing your shortest skirt, and you’re not even wearing panties. She’s just so shy though, she doesn’t seem to get it. You know she wants you though, because she always blushes and giggles. So what could be wrong?

You go into the examination room, remove all of your clothing. She weighs you and measures you, and oh my…

This story features lots of lesbian and transgender sex. So you better like that!

Excerpt after the jump.

Here’s an excerpt from the story. In this scene, Mandy is providing a ‘clitoral swab’ to the lesbian doctor, and Ingrid, the transgender nurse, is collecting the specimen. Mandy doesn’t know Ingrid is a transgender yet.

That strange little prominence in the front of her skirt had returned. Could she be—no, that was impossible. I dismissed the idea from my mind. It was impossible that she had a penis. I was imagining things.

“Did any get in your rectum?” she asked.

I looked down. “No, I don’t think so.”

One latex gloved hand took hold of my thigh, prodding me. “Turn around for me please, I’ll check.”

I did as she said, turning around and showing my bare bottom to her. She pried open my cheeks, dabbed the towelette through my groove then along the pucker of my rim. It tickled a little bit, but then she shocked me—one finger of the latex glove pushed the towelette into my anus, probing deeply in, at least several inches.

Here’s the full blurb from Amazon:

Mandy has the hots for Ingrid, a shy nurse with a sexy secret under her uniform. So for her next appointment, Mandy dons a short skirt, going commando for a mission of Lesbian seduction.

But when dominant Dr. Mallory brings her big, beautiful body into the picture, she takes control of this raunchy romance, steering it into mischievous medical play—and one raunchy revelation.

Enter the kinkiest clinic on campus—where one woman’s secret can become another’s sexy surprise!

This story is a long, fun ridiculously kinky story about one woman’s visit to the doctor’s office. Is it realistic? Perhaps not. Does it involve lots of naughty fetish play, exhibitionism, teasing and sex? Yes. Yes it does.

I Want My Transgender Nurse is now available for pre-order on Amazon. What’s nice about pre-orders for Kindle Unlimited users is that as soon as the book is available, it’s delivered directly to your device, so check it out!


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