The Corset House Mystery

CorsetHouse_cover_01_400x638It’s another steamy release from Hot Wet Press! This time the royal we present Corset House: A Lesbian Mystery, or as I prefer to call it, using its rough draft, non-marketing name, The Corset House Mystery. This is set in Victorian London during the time of Sherlock Holmes and in facts includes a reasonably meaty cameo–though entirely non-sexual–cameo by the great Public Domain detective himself.

The plot is fairly basic: Miss Minevera Quick arrives in London, one step ahead of a scandal back in her native United States. She looks up her famous relation Mr. Holmes, but before she can explain who she is and what she wants, he deduces it all, because detective.

He helps her out, but also immediately sets her to work on a mystery that only she can solve! Because she’s a young Lesbian and no matter how good he is at disguises, he can’t manage that.

Here’s the blurb:

Miss Quick arrives in London, where her famous cousin quickly puts her to work solving a mystery tailor-made for a Lesbian:

A young woman of quality has vanished into a mysterious mansion known as Corset House—where only women are admitted and about which the most shocking vices are explored. Behind each door is a forbidden delight, each naughtier and raunchier than the last, a veritable tour-de-force of Lesbian kink.

Can Miss Quick penetrate to the core of the case? Can she solve The Corset House Mystery?

It’s somewhat ironic that this Lesbian story came out on Trans Visibility day for me, but I’m not real good at making scheduling my releases yet. I’ve started using pre-orders and currently have two books up for pre-order, but because of the ten day gap I’m also putting stuff out in between.

Here’s a sample.

“Is that so?” I asked, fidgeting with my gloves.

“Indeed,” said Holmes. “A fetching woman is like an elite regiment of light horse, adroit at scouting and creating diversions. But they are quick to marry and soon leave the ranks, called away to the domestic front. Since you likely aspire to a different fate, your value increases significantly. We shall, of course, reduce that New England drawl to something more manageable in the future, or your use as a spy shall be limited.”

I closed my jaw, which had fallen rather open at such an astonishing assessment of my utility to his endeavors. “Very well, sir. What do you require of your Yankee cavalry?”

Anyway…this story despite its framing device is not much of a mystery. It’s one long, debauched carnival of Lesbian delights as Miss Quick searches for the elusive Miss Waxe within the lusty confines of Corset House.

What I liked about this book: This one explored a lot of strange new kinks and it moves through them pretty fast. The premise really allowed for that variety, which is fun. And I like writing about Victorian England and Holmes, so hope to re-use this setting and these people.

To do better next time: Despite the name Corset House, and the fact a lot of the women are wearing corsets, it never gets into the discomfort, tightening aspect of wearing corsets, which is a mistake. Also, the mystery isn’t much of a mystery.

Oh! I almost forgot. Here’s a fun bit of London map that I almost put in the book but then decided it looked amateurish. But it shows where Corset House is in relation to 221 B Baker Street. It’s totally walkable, only 1.1 miles or so.


Map Highlight



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