Hot Water: Wet Lesbian Gold

Hotwater_adMy newest Lesbian fetish book is now live on Amazon.

Needless to say, this story’s about watersports, which isn’t maybe for everyone. You might say it’s an acquired taste.

Blurb and sample after the jump:

From the blurb:

“It was filthy, dirty, obscene. It was also the most erotic thing I’d ever seen.”

When lesbians Eileen and Mandy work out at the gym, things get hot and steamy fast. But when Eileen has to go and can’t hold it anymore, Mandy helps her take care of business. The two women squat down–and find themselves in hot water.

Come explore a forbidden realm of soaking desire, as Eileen initiates Mandy into a wet and kinky world where one woman’s water becomes another woman’s gold.

This will be my shortest published story today, although at more than 5,000 words it’s still pretty hefty. Here’s a little teaser:

I stole another glance at her: the swell of her breasts, the tapering hips exposed by the high-cut leotard, the fabric sunk between the cleft of her lips. Then something remarkable happened.

A dark circle appeared in the fabric of her leotard, right over her pussy, right where her urethra lay hidden beneath the purple folds. Small at first, it quickly grew larger, the damp spreading out, the circle of moisture growing.

She was peeing!

“Um, Eileen, are you okay?”

I think it’s fair to say that Eileen is most definitely not okay. Interestingly, this story is set on the same University campus as Candy’s Halloween.


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