Futa Pop


Futa Pop has been released!

This is another male transforms into futanari story and it came out well! It’s also about 12,000 words long and while somewhat similar to Futa Choice the sex scenes, characters, and plot are quite different.

For starters, Hikaru is trying to be a pop idol. He’s focused on his music. Only when he fails, his record label gives him a choice: become the world’s first futanari Jpop idol, or seek other employment.

What does he choose?

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

Hikaru wants to be a pop star, but when his first album bombs it’s all over–or is it? His music label offers him a second chance–if he’s willing to become transformed into Japan’s first futanari Jpop idol!

This 12,000-word erotic epic follows Hikaru’s remarkable visit to the Futanarion Project, his transformation into a full-package futanari body, and the launch of her ambitious new career!

And here’s a peek from further inside the story:

“Oh?” the Doctor smiled. “You truly love futanari?”

He nodded.

She slid a hand down along her cock, flipping it back and forth. “Do you love futanari enough to taste them when they stand naked before you?”

He moaned with helpless need. “Yes please Doctor.”

The Doctor pushed him down by his shoulders until he knelt in front of her, his eyes level with her hypnotically swaying package. Kaori and Akane came over, standing right beside the Doctor and pressing their needy girlcocks towards his mouth too. Soon all three shafts were rubbing and teasing each other mere centimeters from his face.

I think it’s safe to say that he does love futanari!



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