Futa Choice

futa_choice_v01_400x638I’ve written yet another filthy, filthy story.

This one is called Futa Choice and it is set in the same story world as Project Futanarion–in the Neo-Tokyo of the near future, when an absolutely insane scheme to bring futanari into every bedroom is well underway.

Unlike the first story in this series (it’s becoming a series, with the sad name of “Futa Series”), this one is focused on a male POV character–male at least, until he transforms into a sex-crazed, semi-hermaphroditic futanari!

From the blurb:

Life is tough in Neo-Tokyo. Haruto’s a decent guy but he’s broke, living in a sleeping tube and willing to try anything. One day he sees an ad for Project Futanarion–an amazing program that transforms ordinary people into beautiful, desirable full-package futanaris and joins them to married couples!

This 12,000-word erotic epic follows Hiro’s desperate application to the program, his remarkable transformation into a filthy new body, and his nerve-wracking intimate evaluation as he seeks his new husband and wife!

This story proved fun to write but I’m a little concerned some of the plots and world-building detail are a bit too elaborate for the scenario. That said, there is a lot of filthy, filthy sexing in here.

There’s a fairly strong bisexual premise too in that after Haruto becomes Hinata, he is married to a wealthy Japanese couple and he is busy pleasing both the man and the woman. Actually maybe they should all be called pansexuals, because when you no longer have binary genders, binary pairs like “homosexual vs. heterosexual” or even bisexual no longer fully describe a person’s full range of preferences.

Anyway, there are a number of fun, sexy, goofy moments here but one of my personal favorites is this:

“Shit!” Haruto shouted, clenching his fists and trying to contain himself. “Can it be that the friendly and adorable Ms. Aoi who will help transform me into a futanari is herself also a full-package futanari–with a massive and delicious girlcock!?!

Haruto never realized the women working at Project Futanarion might be futanari! Poor guy. I always have my Japanese characters yell out, ‘Shit!’ or ‘Fuck!’ instead of ‘Oh God!’ because they aren’t monotheists. And because they love to shout over the top stuff like an H-manga character would.

Anyway, enjoy the book! It’s available for purchase or on Kindle Unlimited for subscribers.

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