From Thomas to Thérèse

FromTtoTHello everyone!

A new release from me in the last couple days, called From Thomas to Thérèse: A journey of transformation and submission.

This is my story involving feminization or cross-dressing rather than transsexuals. From the blurb:

After Thomas admits his wish to become a woman, his roommate Adelaide directs his transformation and feminization, a journey that ends with the shy university student turning into Thérèse: a submissive sissy eager to serve the dominant masters and mistresses of an exclusive private club.

This 10,000 word journey is told from the point-of-view of Thérèse, from nervous first tries at cross-dressing to increasingly naughty acts with Adelaide and others until a final state of total, blissful submission is reached.

It is perhaps not the most realistic story of all, but none of my stories are particularly realistic because hey, it’s erotica! But Thomas’ desire to be admired as a woman certainly isn’t unrealistic, and much of the story focuses on that. It’s told entirely from his point of view too.

It’s set in Paris and uses the present tense, unusual for me, but I wanted to give it a fast-paced, flashy, impressionistic feel. Part of the inspiration was The Story of O–the original working title was The Story of T–but since the story focuses more on his transformation than any heavy bdsm-style bondage, I removed the more overt references to Roissy and left it as much lighter bit of cross-dressing erotica.

It’s been one of my most successful releases, reaching as high as #50 or so in the Transgender section.

Anyway things turn out happy for Thérèse but I don’t see much room for a direct sequel. The next book in the Sissy Sides series will follow a similar theme, but it will be a new character, a new transformation.


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