Princess With a Firm Hand

firmhandDo you ever find yourself in need of a firm hand to keep you on track? One with ample freedom to correct you across your posterior?

Rose certainly does. She is a humble chambermaid in Regency England, serving on a small estate in the Kentish countryside, when the remarkable Princess Gretchen walks into her life and takes a firm hand with her future.

Princess With a Firm Hand is a 7,500 word ‘Sapphic Scorcher’ — an extended journey into erotic realms of spanking and every other naughty a pair of naughty women can do to or with a delectable derriere.

Short excerpt after the jump.

“Now Rose, here is my bedroom. Come inside and I shall order you about in the most lewd manner, making love to you for hours, beginning with the spanking you so richly deserve. Or you may go back to your own quarters, chaste and proper. No one but us shall ever know, either way. Which shall it be?”

Desire thrilled me from crown to toes. Passion inflamed me, lust mastered me. “I will come with you, Princess.”

“I knew that you would,” she said. “I can always tell.”

We entered the master bedroom.

That passage was originally meant to be part of the blurb but came out too long.

This is the first book I’ve published that features exclusively lesbian characters, rather than having any transgendered ladies in the mix. It is shorter than the others, primarily because it consists of a build-up scene, and extended sex scene that is the majority of the book, and a quick denouement.

It required some research into period costumes and customs–chambermaids back then didn’t dress like slutty French maid bedroom costumes, who knew?–but most of it was surprisingly fun and easy to write.

I plan to continue the series, not necessarily with these characters, but with similar situations in different periods and places.



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