Project Futanarion


It’s 2095. Japan’s population decline has reached a crisis. Can the introduction of Futanarions–lusty young women with surprising sets of genitals–save the nation?

This is my latest release on Amazon and like all of my stories, it’s available on Kindle Unlimited.

This is a kinky science fiction story with a lot of Japnese-style transgender action (newhalf and futanari). There’s lots of exhibitionism, masturbation and shame too. This was a fun one to write.

The title sounds crazy I know. What is a transsexual miracle? How can it save Japan?

The idea is that Japan’s population decline is even worse in the future, so a scientist has come up with a way to bring fertile, exciting futanari lovers to everyone, creating a population boom. These futanarions easily get pregnant and can easily impregnate women.

How is the scientist creating futanarions? What is the exact technology–are they androids, clones, surgically modified people? It comes up once in the story:

“Remarkable,” said the Air Marshal. “How does the technology work?”

“It is highly technical,” the Doctor said. “I will send you research papers.”

And that’s it. I could’ve put a big elaborate fake explanation but at the end of the day, does it even matter? This is erotica, not serious science fiction. It’s not like I’m throwing world-building out the window, it’s certainly there: they talk about Neo-Tokyo, advanced technologies are seen, clearly it’s the future, but the backstory takes a back seat.

It’s also rather tongue-in-cheek story and not meant to be taken seriously as a high concept, but the sex scenes are written seriously and the main character’s POV goes from fearful to shameful to eager; she goes through a lot of–hopefully convincing–emotion. It’s not meant as a satire of Japan itself but more the hentai culture, particularly the Western incarnation and interpretation of it.

Futanari is a new genre for me so I don’t if futa fans will like this story or not, as the character’s bodies are probably not as exaggerated as other stories in that genre, but the sexual prowess of the characters is still futuristic. By which I mean unrealistic. 🙂

It’s also my longest story yet. Here’s the rest of the Amazon blurb:

Akane is one of the first Futanarions. She finds a mysterious new part on her body, and begins touching it, exploring it, wondering what it can do. Soon she meets Shizuka, a female scientist who teaches her how to enjoy her fertile form. Then along comes Dr. Nakagami, a full package with futanari with a miraculous plan to save Japan.

With scenes that begin with shameful self-love and proceed on to exhibitionism, intercourse, dominance, and more, this story has more than 13,000 words of full package of futanari fun! Did we mention shameful self-love?

The first version had a few typos and even used the wrong name in a couple parts of the hikikomori scene but that’s since been corrected.

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