Candy’s Halloween

“How can anybody named Candy hate Halloween?”

“Um hello? The bad jokes started days ago,” Candy answered, lifting her legs to let her friend scoot beneath. “This weekend, they’ll reach a thundering climax!”

Kelly laughed and smacked her ass through the light cotton skirt. “I’ll give you a thundering climax.”

I wrote the first draft of this story late last year, when I was still considering becoming an erotica writer but maybe not putting the time or effort into it because the mechanics of the publishing process intimidated me. But once I got up and running, this was one of the funnest stories to fix up, finish off, and send out into the world.

candys_halloween_05_S400It’s not been a successful release, but I like this one a lot more than Bangkok Cocktails because the characters, plot and sex scenes are more varied and developed. I particularly like Candy’s naivete.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from this one is keep the character count down.There are only four named characters in this entire story. The earlier drafts had all sorts of random people popping up but during revision I realized–nobody cares about these people, the only thing that matters is if Candy and Kelly are going to make it with Sappho. Jellybean became important too.

Here’s the full Amazon blurb:

Candy is packing extra trick or treats in her panties–she’s a transgender freshman, spending her first year in the dorms. She loves getting together with Kelly, another transsexual. But she also longs for her first time with a natural female…

Sappho is Candy’s roommate. She’s a busty redhead and a self-proclaimed lesbian with a girlfriend named Jellybean. She finds Candy and Kelly to be perverted and disgusting…but she likes to watch. And perform experiments for her sexology class. Strictly for educational purposes, of course!

Tonight is Halloween. The four girls dress up and head out for the biggest parties of the year…

At more than 10,000 words long, Candy’s Halloween is an erotic adventure to remember. Told entirely from Candy’s point-of-view, it’s a light-hearted sexual romp chronicling a night of secrets, surprises, and sex–sex–sex!

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