Bangkok Cocktails

My first erotica ebook is live on Amazon’s Kindle Store–and is also available through the Kindle Unlimited program, meaning if you are a subscriber, you can read it for free.


Bangkok Cocktails features three steamy stories of ladyboy encounters from a guy’s point-of-view, straight from the transsexual tropics of Thailand!

This is the first book I published and probably my least favorite although the most successful. It’s three loosely connected stories along the same theme: guys have sex with ladyboys for the first time.

Here’s the full blurb:

A Cocktail in Bangkok: His boss takes him to a ladyboy bar called Peanuts Cocktails. He’s not sure what to expect but when a cute dancer catches his eye, there’s no turning back.

Peanut Butter Slider: Anoop is a software engineer from California. When his boss orders him a special drink at the ladyboy bar, he gets the surprise of his life!

Ladyboy Chase: Mike has brought his whole sales team down to the beach for a pep talk and a party. Later a mini-van full of bikini beauties shows up, but which one of these ladies is packing heat?

These stories describe first-timer, naughty, surprising, and downright raunchy run-ins with Bangkok’s notorious third sex! Enjoy!


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