Foreplay, Not Backstory

It is autumn, and coming up to dusk. She is dressed as she always is: high heels, a suit with a pleated skirt, a silk blouse, and no hat. But long gloves which come up over the sleeves of her jacket…

“Unfasten your garter belt,” he says, “and take off your panties.”


Art is hard. Writing is hard. Writing art that makes someone hard–or wet, as the case may be–can get particularly hard.

Selling erotica is like a first date or a job interview: you need to wash your hair, put on clean clothes, polish your repartee, and then get out there and mingle. You also–unless you are a heartless exhibitionist indifferent to the shame and suffering bearing down upon the house of your progenitors and the suffering spirits of your ancestors–need a persona, a pseudonym, a carefully crafted image with which to bedazzle and beguile the millions and millions of customers lining up at your virtual door.


story-of-zSo meet one such eidolon, one such aspiring purveyor of desire: Kella Z. Driel, erotica auteur, admirer of vintage lingerie, and friend of tortoiseshell cats. The Z. stands for zesty.

Yes it’s a pseudonym. I am adult, single, live on the west coast of the world and use a female pronoun–other than that I don’t choose to provide details. Kella is an empty vessel, a blank slate, an undeveloped character. Picture her however you like.

There is no grand scheme or agenda to what I do. I write what interests me and hope that it interests you too. I started writing erotica, because sometimes while writing my ‘other’ fiction I’d find myself getting aroused, curious, envisioning my characters doing naughty things, and it started spilling over into the scenes. The damn novels started turning into orgies, with prurient interest slavered all over the page. Now I channel most–not all–of that energy into erotica.

Mainstream fiction is notorious for awful sex scenes, mainly because they can’t or won’t employ erotica techniques that describe sex in a literate, uncensored way. I can’t write like that, and writing erotica interests and challenges me too much anyway. It’s also unique as a genre in that an entire plot and character goal can be focused on orgasm and that can be acceptable, even desirable. Such purity, such clarity of purpose rarely exists in any other genre that interests me.

Voila! Thank you for reading, and now…back to work!


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