Trans Day of Visibility & Candy’s Halloween

Today is Trans Day of Visibility—#TDOV—which is kind of a big deal in the Trans community, for obvious reasons. The flag on the post header is the Trans flag by the way, which a lot of people don’t recognize as they’re more used to the Rainbow flag of the Pride community, so perhaps you’ve learned some new sexual vexillology today.

Anyhow, there are far wiser people than I talking about the overall visibility thing and why it’s important. Instead I’ll talk about something I know at least a little bit about, which is written, commercial Erotica. First of all, it’s good that Amazon’s Kindle even has a section for LGBT erotica and even goes so far as to include a Transgender subcategory in the LGBT category. So give ‘em credit for that.

But what do we find in there? On a day when we’re talking about Transgender Visibility, it’s kind of sad to navigate to:
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From Juan to Juanita

Sissy_Sides_01E_400x638Sissy Sides is back! The second installment in this popular series of transformation erotica returns to the United States, with the inspiring tale of young Juan–or Juanita, as he’d rather be called.

Juan wants to be feminine, so when he discovers a club that will make him a sissy he eagerly applies. Now he’s waiting for the transgendered mistress whose strict instructions can transform him into Juanita. Will he past the test?

This epic journey describes Juan’s transformation into Juanita, from her first experience with a fellow sissy to her evaluation by her demanding mistress. Is this new sissy primed and ready to be broken in by her mistress?

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What’s a futanari and why should you care?


Prina the Dungeoneering Princess, from Rebis Dungeon

I’ve written several erotica stories starring futanari characters, genuine futanari too, fitting the hentai definition. They are also exclusively Japanese, at least so far. Characters of other nationalities of course can be futanari, but to me the concept, the idea is so closely linked to the Japanese hentai from which it derives, that when I sat down to write a futanari story, it felt natural to me to set it in science fiction Japan where futanari could become a reality.

And I used science fiction to make futanari “real”, because futanari are not real. They only exist in fiction, in stories that suspend disbelief in some way. That’s what I want to clarify in this post: what a futanari is, why it should not be used interchangeably with transgender, transsexual, newhalf, kahoey or similar terms, and why it shouldn’t (if one stays faithful to the source) be considered offensive. Futanari is a concept closely related to transgender issues but ultimately is tangential to it, because it is not reflective of real world experience and is not intended to be.
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Broken_World_ADOkay I need to slow down or risk some major burnout, but the truth is I’m having too much fun–and more ideas then I know what to do with.

My latest story, which can easily blossom into a full series if it finds an audience, is KOR THE SAVAGE #1. This is pure heroic fantasy pastiche, with a heavy, heavy erotic element. Think pulp fiction Conan, Heavy Metal, Tarzan, Kull, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, Red Sonja and Red Sonya (did you know there are two?), and many, many others.

In this world, KOR knows what he wants and he takes what he wants: wine, gold, wenches, sissies.

He’s aggressively bisexual and doesn’t care who knows it. Then one day he meets Andara the Red, a well-hung amazon and more than a match for him.

The full Amazon blurb:

Swords! Sorcery! Sex!

Kor is a lusty barbarian in a gritty fantasy world. He knows what he wants and he takes it: food, mead, gold, wenches, even sissies. All is good for Kor, the hardest man in the Broken World–until he crosses paths with Andara the Red Amazon, a well-hung warrior woman. She’s as tough as steel and as hard as Kor, but this amazon has never loved a man–because no man can defeat her.

This swashbuckling, 9,000-word debut follows Kor’s progress from a lurid amazon feast to the tawdry streets of the City-State, where Kor and Andara adventure together in the mysterious Titanium Spire.

It’s also my first story since Bangkok Cocktails with a male lead who doesn’t become a sissy, transform into a futanari, or otherwise become feminized.


Futa Pop


Futa Pop has been released!

This is another male transforms into futanari story and it came out well! It’s also about 12,000 words long and while somewhat similar to Futa Choice the sex scenes, characters, and plot are quite different.

For starters, Hikaru is trying to be a pop idol. He’s focused on his music. Only when he fails, his record label gives him a choice: become the world’s first futanari Jpop idol, or seek other employment.

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Futa Choice

futa_choice_v01_400x638I’ve written yet another filthy, filthy story.

This one is called Futa Choice and it is set in the same story world as Project Futanarion–in the Neo-Tokyo of the near future, when an absolutely insane scheme to bring futanari into every bedroom is well underway.

Unlike the first story in this series (it’s becoming a series, with the sad name of “Futa Series”), this one is focused on a male POV character–male at least, until he transforms into a sex-crazed, semi-hermaphroditic futanari!

From the blurb:

Life is tough in Neo-Tokyo. Haruto’s a decent guy but he’s broke, living in a sleeping tube and willing to try anything. One day he sees an ad for Project Futanarion–an amazing program that transforms ordinary people into beautiful, desirable full-package futanaris and joins them to married couples!

This 12,000-word erotic epic follows Hiro’s desperate application to the program, his remarkable transformation into a filthy new body, and his nerve-wracking intimate evaluation as he seeks his new husband and wife!

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